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This weeks’ finds…..

Just accidentally (thank you James) re-discovered the wondrous Max Tundra, who I saw live at a crazy factory-based event that I was DJing at in Warsaw in around 2006.  Here he is playing “Will Get Fooled Again”:

On a more topical note, if anyone has ANY doubts about where the current UK government is taking us (straight to hell) – and even if you don’t doubt it – read this incisive article by Stuart Hall.  It made my blood run cold.

And as we still try to comprehend the political and social fall-out of the recent riots, check this great new tune from Rodney P and associates on Tru Thoughts.  Nice sample of Johnny Osbourne’s Truth and Rights too.

“Render your hearts and not your garments” – LYRICS!

Still loving the new Hudson Mohawke EP Satin Panthers, particularly this one:

On the film front, caught the excellent “My Best Fiend” doc about Werner Herzog’s incredibly fraught yet amazingly creative relationship with Klaus Kinski. Kinski was undoubtedly a nightmare to work with, and there are lots of clips which show this side of his personality. What really struck me though was the end sequence, where he shows a much gentler side:

Music by Popol Vuh, who also soundtracked Aguirre Wrath of God – featuring Kinski at his most compelling as a doomed conquistador.

Finally a plug for my man Spread who is producing some breathtakingly good photos lately:

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Brass frolics and gnarly knobs

In London at the weekend for a rival wedding and a highlight of the day was parading from Sutton House to Chat’s Palace in Hackney, led by the Hackney Colliery Band – an eight-piece drum n brass outfit with a real ear for rousing tunes with bubbling bottom end, funky sousaphone and rampant snare.

Here’s them covering Toto’s Africa: don’t worry, it’s way more palatable than the original.

I was later delighted when they launched into one of my favourite brass tracks, “Brooklyn” by Youngblood Brass Band who can be seen here doing it at the Big Chill (R.I.P.) in 2005:

On the subject of funky sousaphone, or Sousaphunk as I like to call it, here’s the Diesler/BiggaBush remix of that track from the last Lightning Head album.  I have a whole album’s worth of remixes from that period that for one reason or another never saw the light of day, so watch this space for more links and release info.

Other stuff that’s been floating my boat this week has been the amazing Madlib/MF Doom collab on Stones Throw from 2004, “Madvillainy”, and wouldn’t you know it, here’s the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble playing one of my top tunes from the album, called Rainbows:

Here’s Madvillain’s version:

Love that Sun Ra sample.

Going further into Stones Throw territory today I stumbled across an interesting sound from artist Dam Funk, with a track called Mirrors:

WORK that keytar, Damien…

Finally for some reason Hudson Mohawke came into my consciousness over the weekend, someone I originally heard on the excellent first Beat Dimensions comp.  Here’s a typically crazy track, sort of Todd Rundgren on helium with gas mark 10 beats and full-on DX7s:

Hope you enjoy.


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