To Marwencol

Just a quick one to bring people’s attention to an amazing film about Mark Hogancamp – who some 5 years ago was savagely beaten up by five guys who took a dislike to him in a bar. Beaten so badly his face had to be reconstructed, he was in a coma for nine days, and once he physically begun to recover had to re-learn how to walk, read, write, eat – not to mention that he had entirely lost his memory of his life before the attack. As part of the process of recovery he started to construct and take photos of a world of his own, populated by dolls and models in a town called Marwencol. This not only assisted his hand-to-eye co-ordination, it also got his imagination working again, as he constructed a storyline for his doll alter-ego in which he finds love and – via a babelicious bunch of armed-to-the-teeth Barbies – takes a rather Tarantino-esque revenge on his attackers, represented in Marwencol as a group of SS officers.

This is the trailer for a feature-length documentary made by Jeff Malmberg called Marwencol, broadcast in the UK on More 4 as “Village of the Dolls”
I urge you to watch the whole film, it’s spellbinding.

Here’s an early plug for an upcoming gig in Cardiff – just love the poster.



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2 responses to “To Marwencol

  1. Hiya Bigga, I watched this film the other night and it was brilliant. As the contributor from Esopus magazine said, his work is totally without irony – which makes a refreshing change in the art world – especially given the subject matter. Hogancamp is endearing and self effacing, dealing with an horrific injury and making amazing and original art. He also loves his Manolo Blahnik’s. Very cool.

    Love the new blog BTW 🙂

    M x

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